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Welcome to the Aviation Heritage Museum

The Aviation Heritage Museum provides a unique museum experience of civilian and military aviation through its extraordinary aviation displays, helpful guides and special tours. The Museum's talented volunteers have designed, donated and built a truly amazing array of aviation displays that include 30 aircraft and thousands of artefacts. From the helpful gift shop attendants to the meticulous restorers, the Museum’s hundreds of volunteers have truly built one of the most unique museums in the Southern Hemisphere or even the World.

The Royal Australian Air Force Association along with community assistance from sponsors, visitors, and friends of the Museum makes the Museum one of the top self funded Museums in Australia.

Lancaster TourLancaster Tour Plus

The Museum has special tours available on request. One is the “Inside Lancaster Tour” which consists of a personalised tour of the inside and outside of the restored Lancaster bomber. The tour takes about an hour to an hour and a half, with detailed descriptions of the mechanics and working of the aeroplane. Included is a personal description of each of the crewmembers jobs and positions.

This tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view first hand the trials and tribulations of being on a Lancaster aircraft in WW2. Find out what it is like to crawl over the two wing spars, sit in the wireless operator’s seat and touch the navigator’s desk inside this unique craft.

Cost is only $100 per person with a maximum of two visitors on each tour. You must book in advance. For an extra $50 you can add a tour inside the Dakota C-47 and Spitfire Mark XXII.

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aviationmuseum1 Our Huey at the Museum.
aviationmuseum1 Huey was delivered today.
aviationmuseum1 Our Iroquois helicopter has arrived in Perth. It is now at the Goldstar transport company yard. See you all tomorrow.
aviationmuseum1 Update on Huey. It is approaching Northam at Latitude -31.63337 Longitude116.8843
aviationmuseum1 Our Huey is now in Merredin. Only 3 + hours to go. The excitement is building.
aviationmuseum1 Our Huey is now heading to Merridin at -31.02962,120.8434. John Murray signing the Iroquois contract
aviationmuseum1 The Huey is in Norseman WA. Into Perth tomorrow for delivery on Tuesday.
aviationmuseum1 At approximately 835am this morning our Huey crossed the border into Western Australia.
aviationmuseum1 Our Iroquois is now leaving Ceduna SA and heading for the WA border.
aviationmuseum1 Our Huey is now past Port Augusta on the Erye Hwy at Latitude -32.63298 Longitude 137.36987