Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major

The Engine On Display

The Museum possesses two Genet Major engines. The engine on the left in the photo bears the description:

This engine was purchased complete with propellor for the sum of $ 200. It is believed the engine had been stored at Geraldton for some years and prior to this had been fitted to a swamp boat in the eastern wheatbelt. It is possible that this engine was used as a power plant in the aeroplane built in Frmantle in 1935 and known as the "Fremantle Monoplane".

Type / History

Type 5/7-cylinder single-row radial
Manufacturer Armstrong Siddeley
Introduced 1928
Primary users RAF and Civilian
Number built  

The Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major was a five-cylinder (later seven-cylinder) air-cooled radial engine for aircraft use built in the UK, first run in 1928. It developed 140 HP (104 kW)