Avco Lycoming O-480

The Engine On Display

The description states:

"A 6-cylinder opposed in-line aircooled engine, this particular motor was from VH-KPB a Beechcraft 950 used for aerial photography by Kevron Aviation based at Jandakot".

(The "950" should have read "G50")

Type / History

Type Six-cylinder horizntally-opposed
inline piston engine
Manufacturer Avco Lycoming
Introduced 1954
Primary users Light civilian aircraft

The O-480 began as a six-cylinder version of the company's four-cylinder O-320. Its main installations have been in the larger Beech twin-engined aircraft (notably the Queen Air and Model 50 Twin Bonanza) and in some manufactured by Piaggio in Italy. The company which manufactures the O-480 has gone by a sequence of names, initially using the Lycoming name when it directed its efforts towards car manufacture in 1907.

Its first aircraft engine, the R-680, was first produced in 1929. The name "AVCO Lycoming" was adopted in 1939, and the name remained until 1986, when the company was taken over by Textron, and became Textron Lycoming. From 1994 to 1999 it was sold, and merged with the Garrett turbine engine manufacturer, then with Honeywell Aerospace. However, the Lycoming Engines name has been retained.


Cubic capacity: 480 cu.in (7.86 L)
Maximum power: 340 HP (254 kW)
Weight: 498 lb (226 kg)