Blackburne Tomtit

The Engine On Display

The description reads:

"Blackburne 698cc 26hp twin-cylinder engine - 1923

Made at the Blackburne Atlas Works in Surrey, England. This engine was fitted to the de Havilland DH43 "Humming Bird", an early attempt to produce an ultra light monoplane in the 1920's".

Type / History

Type Air-cooled two-cylinder upright
- or inverted-V engine
Manufacturer Burney and Blackburne Limited
Introduced 1923
Primary use Private light aircraft

Not to be confused with Blackburn Aircraft limited, who also manufactured small aero engines, Blackburne manufactured motorcycles, and engines for these and other uses, in the 1920's and 1930's. The Tomtit engine design was based on a design by Geoffrey De Havilland, and built by Blackburne under license. It was used in several small aircraft designs, including the Heath Parasol


Cubic capacity: 42.5 (0.696 L)
Maximum power: 16 HP (12 kW)
Weight: 75 lb (34 kg)