Bristol Jupiter

The Engine On Display

The description with the engine states:

"License-produced in every country possessing an aircraft industry, it became the power source of many different types and makes of aircraft.

In Britain it powered the Gloster Gamecock and Bristol Bulldog fighters, the Short Calcutta flying boat and the DH86 Hercules used by West Australian Airways."

According to the Wikipedia entry (See below), the count of countries which manufactured versions was fourteen. The largest production was in the Soviet Union, where it was known as the Shvetsov M-22, and powered the Polikarpov I-16 fighter.

The Jupiter was also the basis of the Mercury and Pegasus radial engines, both of which saw service during World War II.

Type / History

Type Seven-cylinder radial
Manufacturer Bristol Aeroplane Company
Introduced As the Cosmos Jupiter, 1918,
then as the Bristol Jupiter in 1923


Cubic capacity: 1,753 (28.7 L)
Maximum power: 550 HP (414 kW)
Weight: 995 lb (451 kg)