Curriculum Links

The stories and objects you will find in our museum are very relevant to the Australian Curriculum and create obvious links to History and Science.


A visit to the Aviation Heritage Museum offers exciting and creative opportunities to address the seven general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum.

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Information and communication technology (ICT) capability
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and social capability
  • Ethical behavior
  • Intercultural understanding

Use a visit to our museum to explore the following Key Inquiry Questions.

Year One – Present and Past Family Life

  • How can we show that the present is different or similar to the past?
  • How do we describe the sequence of time?

Year Two – The Past in the Present

  • What aspects of the past can you see today?
  • What can they tell us?
  • What remains of the past are important to the local community? Why?
  • How have changes in technology shaped our daily life?

Year Three – Community and Remembrance

  • How has our community changed?
  • What features have been lost and what features have been retained?
  • What is the nature of the contribution made by different groups and individuals in the community?
  • How and why do people choose to remember significant events of the past?

Year Six – Australian as a Nation

  • What contribution have significant individuals and groups made to the development of Australian Society?

Year Nine – The Making of the Modern World

  • What was the significance of World War 1?

Year Ten – The Modern World and Australia

  • What were the consequences of World War II?
  • How did these consequences shape the modern world?

Look at the science behind the development of flight to help explore Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills. 
For example.
Year Three – Six
What scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions have helped man take to the skies? How have these affected peoples lives?
Year Seven – Ten
Explore the theory and development of flight to demonstrate, consider and predict the interaction between multiple forces and changes in an object’s motion. Describe and predict the motion of aircraft using the laws of physics. Consider how advances in science have affected the design of aircraft from materials used, to size, shape, capacity and function.


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