Learning Resources

The following resources are available to help develop lessons, tours and projects based on the Aviation Heritage Museum.
Feel free to download and modify them to suit your own needs.

ACT301     Museum Walkaround (Year 8-10)
ACT302     Aeroplanes at War (Year 8-10)
ACT304     Anson Instrument Panel Identification Activity (Year 7-9)
ACT305     Museum Walkaround Questionnaire (Year 7-8)

HIS501     RAAF Squadron 452
HIS502     Avro Lancaster NX 622
HIS503     Supermarine Spitfire Mk 22
HIS504     MacRobertson Miller Airlines (MMA)
HIS505     The Northern Gateway (Darwin)
HIS506     Flight into Hell (The story of Hans Bertram and Adolph Klausmann - Pioneer Aviators)
HIS507     QANTAS - the Inspiration for the Beginning
HIS508     QANTAS - the Birthplace and First Passenger
HIS509     The Flying Doctor
HIS510     QANTAS - the War Years and Catalinas
HIS511     QANTAS - from Constellations to Jets
HIS512     QANTAS - the Kangaroo Symbol
HIS513     Junkers W33 / W34
HIS514     Avro Anson
HIS515     Vampire
HIS516     CAC Wackett
HIS517     CAC Wirraway
HIS518     Douglas C47 Dakota/DC3
HIS519     Macchi
HIS520     Canberra Bomber
HIS521     Auster J5
HIS522     West Australian Airways
HIS523     Santos-Dumont Demoiselle

PRO901     Introduction to Aerodynamics (Paper plane) (Year 1-2)
PRO902     Introduction to Aerodynamics (Paper plane) (Year 3-5)
PRO903     Introduction to Aerodynamics (Paper plane) (Year 6-9)
PRO904     Make a Wind Tunnel (Year 5-8
PRO905     Science Experiment #1 - What's in a wing? (Year 5-8)
PRO906     Science Experiment #2 - Balloon Speeder (Year 5-8)
PRO907     Science Experiment #3 - Hot Air Balloon (Year 5-8)
PRO908     Bernoulli Brain Teasers (Year 5-8)
PRO909     Scale Drawing of an F16
PRO910     Jet Engines - Gas Turbine (Year 5-8 )
PRO911     How High Van You Fly? (Year 4-6)
PRO912     Full of Hot Air (Year 4-6)
PRO913     Is Air Really There? (Year 4-6)
PRO914     Free Fall (Year 4-6)
PRO915     Make a Speed Triangle (Year 10-11)

INF001     Planes on Display at the Museum - List of
INF002     Navigation (12 pages outlining aspects) (Year 10-11)
INF003     Aerodynamic Forces (Year 9-10)
INF011     How a Jet Engine Works. (Year 5-8)
INF012     Gas Turbine Theory and History (Year 5-8)




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