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Supermarine Spitfire

The Aircraft On Display

The Spitfire replica represents a Mark LF-XVI E, numbered TB592. According to details at the adf-serials website (See References / Links) it entered service with RAAF 451 squadron on 3rd February 1945, subsequently serving with RAF 451, 164, 577 and 288 squadrons before being retired as an instructional airframe.

The LF-XVI was basically a Spitfire Mark IX with a U.S.-built Packard Merlin engine. It also bore extra fuel tankage, and the larger tail fin and teardrop hood of later Spitfire marks. The clipped wings on the replica (standard for this mark) reveal its intended use for low-level operations.

Type / History

Type Single seat fighter
Manufacturer Vickers Armstrong
Designer RJ Mitchell
Maiden flight 5th March, 1936
Retired RAF - 1952
Primary users RAF,
Number built 20,351
Variants Seafire, Spiteful, griffon engine variants

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General Characteristics


General characteristics

Length: 31 ft 4 in (9.55 m)
Height: 12 ft 7 1/2 in (3.85 m)
Wingspan 32 ft 7 in (9.93 m)
Powerplant: Rolls Royce Packard V-1650-7 Merlin, 1,670 hp
Weight: empty 5,985 lb (2,715 kg), gross 8,700 lb (3,950 kg)



Maximum speed: 416 mph (670 kmph)
Range: 712 mi (1146 km)
Service ceiling: 42,500 ft (13,000 m)


Guns: Two 20mm canon
Two 0.5in Browning machine guns
Bombs: One 500lb and two 250lb