Rolls Royce Dart

The Engine On Display

The description with the engine states:

"Rolls Royce Dart Turboprop Engine driving a four-bladed propellor. This Rolls Royce Dart engine is from a Fokker F-27 Friendship aircraft of MacRobertson Miller Airlines (MMA).

The Fokker F-27 Friendship has two 1730 kW (2320 ehp) Rolls Royce Dart Mk 5367R turboprops driving four-bladed Dowty Rotol propellors.

Type / History

Type Axial-flow turboprop engine
Manufacturer Rolls Royce
Introduced 1952
Primary users Civil Airlines
Number built over 7,100

Rolls Royce began development of the RB.53 Dart engine in 1946. A turboprop engine, the Dart first flew in a Lancaster test aircraft in 1947. Production began in 1952 for the Vickers Viscount. Over 7,000 engines were produced before the Dart went out of production in the late 1990s.


Model R.Da.3 528-7E 536-7R
Maximum power: 1,420 EHP (1,060 kW) 2,030 EHP (1,510 kW) 2,320 EHP (1,730 kW)