Schneider Kingfisher


The Aircraft On Display

The description with the aircraft indicates that ES-57 Kingfisher III received type certification on 19th February, 1960. An account of the Kingfisher in Flight magazine of 3rd October 1958 (See References / Links ) indicates it was already operational then, so the certification probably referred to the particular aircraft, not the type (See "Type History", below). The account continues:

"The Kingfisher has a wingspan of 11 metres, a fuselage length of 6 metres, weighs 119 kg, and a glide ratio of 15:1. The timber frame is covered with plywood and fabric.

It was restored in 1972-1973 by Geoffrey Higginson a Life Member of the Gliding Club of WA and former GFA Regional Technical Officer (WA). He commenced his aircraft engineering career with MacRobertson Miller Aviation Company Ltd., at Maylands Airport in 1936.

Type / History

Type Single-seat glider
Manufacturer Edmund Schneider Ltd, Gawler, SA
Designer Edmund Schneider

The account also states "After World War II the Schneider family emigrated to Australia and eventually founded a glider factory at Gawler, South Australia. The gliders designed by Harry Schneider were named Kangaroo, Gnome, Kookaburra, Kingfisher, Nymph, Arrow, Boomerang, and Platypus".

Records of the Waikerie Gliding Club note on 3rd August 1956 that "Schneiders fly the new Kingfisher", on 2nd December "Impressions of the ES-57 Kingfisher" and on 7th December "Cross country flights in Kingfisher". In the magazine "Australian Gliding" of May 1957, there was an article titled "Waikerie club buys Schneider Kingfisher" by Graham Francis.

General Characteristics


General characteristics

Length: 20 ft (6 m)
Height: 36 ft (11 m)
Powerplant: none