Slingsby Gull


The Aircraft On Display

The description with the aircraft states:

"The Slingsby Gull was one of the best gliders produced in the World before World War II.

It was the first high performance glider brought to Australia, and it set a number of records from 1939 including the first glider flight in Australia of more than 100 miles (160 km).

The Slingsby Type 12 Gull 1 Prototype first flew in April 1939. It was single seat competition glider using the latest technology and aeronautical knowledge to achieve the highest possible performance.

The price was £188. Only ten Gull 1's were made, and sixteen Gulls in all.

The RAAFA Aviation Heritage Museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Channel 7 Perth P/L for the long-term loan of this aircraft for display as part of our collection."

(It is noted that there are small differences between this account and the details above, obtained from Wikipedia)

Type / History

Type Single-seat glider
Manufacturer Slingsby Sailplanes
Designer Fred Slingsby
Maiden flight March 1938
Primary users Competition glider pilots
Number built 11

General Characteristics


General characteristics

Length: 21 ft 7 in (6.58 m)
Wingspan 50 ft 4 in (15.34 m)
Powerplant: none
Weight: empty 384 lb (173 kg), gross 624 lb (284 kg)


Maximum speed: 93 mph (150 km/h)
Maximum Glide Ratio: 24:1