27/11/2013 - Received email from Leone that a F-86 was at a salvage yard. Turns out it was at the Perth Metals Recycler at 12 Whyalla in Willetton. Talked to Matt Sharkey and arranged to see it. Made a deal for $2k for the aircraft. Told him that I would let him know by Friday. That is when they were going to scrap it. It was going to be turned into little square Aluminium blocks. Talked to President of RAAFA, Graeme Bland about acquisition of F-86. Positive. Talked to CEO John Murray and he was positive. Called Matt and he had three other customers want it, I told him we would take it. 

28/11/2013 - Received permission from CEO to go ahead with the purchase. Got cheque from CEO. Went to the salvage yard with Malcolm Sweetman (Team Leader of the workshop to meet with Goldstar Transport to discuss move. Paid the money and got donation form signed. Goldstar will pick up tomorrow and deliver it to the Museum. 

29/11/2013 - Goldstar transport picked up the F-86 from the salvage yard in Willerton on two trucks.  They had arranged for a crane to meet them at the Museum. The plane was off loaded without incident into the side yard off the South Wing.

4/11/2013 - A sign up list was put on the front desk appealing for volunteers to joon a committee and or a restoration group for the F-86. Information on the craft was collected by Mike Mirkavic.

6/12/2013 - The workshop guys moved the wings to the East side of the Museum to allow access to the Museum through the East gate. Maintenance covered the fuselage with a tarp.