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Aviation Heritage Museum Virtual Tour


Online visitors can take a self-guided tour of the whole museum.

Enter several of the aircraft and explore. The Lancaster and Huey includes additional simulated 360 degree images with sound effects and aircrew. While in the Lancaster wireless operators section see if you can understand the message in Morse code and then make your way up into the cockpit and listen to a real life recording of a bombing raid.

If you see something you want to share with others, simply click on one of the Social Media icons on the top right to share the link with friends.


Next Best Thing


There are three methods to help you explore and each works
for both regular mouse navigation and handheld devices


Touch the arrow icons

1. Touch or click on the arrow icons to move to the next 360 degree location

arrow icons

Scroll Thumbnails left and right

2. Drag thumbnail images left or right with finger or mouse. Click / touch on one to load full size view

Thumbnail icon

Drag map around

3. Drag the map around with finger or mouse and click / touch camera icons to jump to their locations

map icon

Sound Icon

Many 360's include audio. If you see the audio icon appear then touch / click to play

audio icon

Info Icon

All aircraft display the 'info' icon. Touch / click to load the scrolling info window

info icon

Share view Icon

See something you want to share with others? Click on one of the Social Media icons on the top right to share the link with friends

Help Icon


If your having any problems then mouse click / touch the Help icon to display the Help Panel

help icon



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