Turbomeca Turmo

The Engine On Display

The description with the engine states:

"Turmo IVC Turboshaft from Aerospatiale SA330 Puma Helicopter. Made by Bordes BP, France. Donated by Bristow Helicopters".

Bristow helicopters operated the Puma as a transport and search-and-rescue aircraft in its oil rig support operations, until the early 1980's. The model currently used is the AS332 Super Puma (See "References / Links").

Type / History

Type Axial-flow turboshaft engine
Manufacturer Turbomeca

A turboshaft is a form of turboprop engine in which the maximum possible power is transmitted to the central shaft, rather than left to contribute as jet thrust. This makes it most appropriate for uses in helicopters, and as stationary engines.

The Turmo was derived from the earlier Turbomeca Artouste, and was licence-built by Bristol Siddeley in the UK, as the Nimbus; this engine powered the military Westland Scout and Westland Wasp helicopters.


Maximum power: 1,610 SHP (1,200 kW)