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The Battle of Britain Commemorative Lace Panel


Battle of Britain Commemorative Lace PanelDesigned and produced by Dobsons and M. Browne & Company Limited between 1942 and 1947 the panel was presented to the City of Perth in 1948 by the manufacturer’s local agent, the pure Nottingham lace panel measures 15 feet high by five feet six inches wide. It is not known how many were produced but at least thirty have been located worldwide. At the request of the agent the City of Perth presented it to the RAAFA in 1950 and accepted one penny in lieu of the traditional peppercorn.

The central section shows the types of aircraft that took part in the battle in conflict and the scenes down each side were copied from original photographs of buildings in London that were damaged during “The Blitz.”

Other symbolic features include the ripening ears of corn border which represents the harvest season of 1940 when the battle took place. The floral emblems of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A stylised manor house and thatched cottage with oak tree symbolise the spirit of the people and that the rich and poor were affected equally.

The lower scenes are, an airman, St. Pauls Cathedral with London burning and anti-aircraft and searchlight batteries above a scroll containing a paraphrase of Winston Churchill’s famous sentence; “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”
The panel is kept in a small memorial alcove and it is advisable to ask in the museum for a guide to show and interpret this remarkable artefact.

Battle of Britain Commemorative Lace Panel Battle of Britain Commemorative Lace Panel