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RAAFA Cirrus Apartments Bull Creek

Master Planning For Bull Creek

Master Planning For Bull Creek

We are excited to announce that a review of the master plan for our oldest estate is underway. Plus Architecture and Urbis (the Project Team) have been engaged by RAAFA to develop a master plan for the future of AFME, to the year 2030.

A master plan is more than just planning buildings on a map. It is about community, connection, environment, functionality and integration between aspects of the site. AFME is a unique place to live, with some of the buildings now being quite old and no longer suitable for seniors housing with the increasing average age.

The Project Team have met with representatives from Division Council, executive and management teams to start looking at an overall vision for the future.

Our residents input is essential to help form the development of the master plan and in early September the Project Team held three informal resident engagement sessions. Residents were asked their aspirations and to consider what they would like to see at the Estate 10 years from now.

Over 100 residents came along to the informal sessions to share and discuss their thoughts, ideas and concerns with the Project Team. Via a survey, residents were asked what they value most about the estate, their favourite aspects and what could be improved to make their life better.

This is our opportunity to plan for future redevelopment with a focus on improving some aspects of the estate, whilst at the same time ensuring what makes the estate special is retained. It was great to see so many residents getting involved and sharing.

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