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On ANZAC Day in 1929, former members of the Australian Flying Corps, decided to maintain their comradeship and recreate the spirit of solidarity and values they experienced as members of the AFC by establishing an AFC Association which came to Perth, Western Australia in May 1929.

The Australian Flying Corp evolved into the Royal Australian Air Force Association, an organisation which now includes Divisions in each State and a National Office in Canberra.  The Association exists to support Australian Aviation ex-servicemen and women.Bull Creek

From those small beginnings the WA Division now has 6 retirement villages comprising 1319 independent living units, 19 assisted independent units, 383 Aged Care places and 14 motel units.  Recently RAAFA also started supplying homecare to over 500 veterans through DVA Home Care programs.

Our Air Force Memorial Estate, in Bull Creek, is also home to the Aviation Heritage Museum.

A financially secure, adaptable organisation growing on a broad base of caring and supportive services.

smiling coupleProvide camaraderie and maintain tradition, security and care for all members of the Division and other members of the Veterans' Community through the provision of faculties and welfare services within Western Australia.

As we have waiting lists for our units on the villages, it is a requirement that you first become a member of RAAFA.  Please see the Independent Living Units section to check out our villages, and the Membership section for further details.

If you wish to become a Social Member to use our club facilities, please see the Membership section.
In regard to our Aged Care Facilities it is a bit different in that they are Commonwealth Funded therefore anyone is eligible. ie no membership required or military service background. Please see the Aged Care Services section for further details.

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